Current Golf Course Conditions

As of: April 23, 2021 11:15 am


You can now begin to double up in carts if you feel comfortable riding with your golf partner, however, you can also continue to ride as a single if you wish.

Blue golf tags should be attached to your golf bag and visible .Please remove the old yellow and orange. The rangers are only interested in seeing the blue ones. Please call Dave Porusta (603-581-3356) or Peg Gardner (518-312-6769) to purchase your membership tags.

For those who are allowed a severely handicap sticker for your golf cart, please keep in mind the 90* rule for the fairways and all carts need to be kept 10ft from the greens.

White Lines have been painted in front of the greens on the entire course. This is to reduce signage. Please, NO GOLF CARTS BEYOND THE LINE!!


Today in Arcadia Village

Cantina = ** / Siesta = *

Covid-19 Information

Hello everyone, Steve Hanlon lot 592 here. Below are some handy links for official corona virus crisis information. If you feel you've come across some meaningful information from trusted sources available on the web please contact me directly at 603-845-8399 for possible inclusion in this list.

Florida's Community Coronavirus Dashboard (Updated)

Know the COVID Transmission Risks

Center for Disease Control

DeSoto County Information Packet

2020 Census Information

Click here for 2020 Census Info